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Hi! I am a 16 years old girlie who lives in Oregon (pronouced OR-EE-GUN) by the way. In my freetime I like to mud (of course), make homepages telling strangers about myself (NOT) just kidding hmmm... I did JV Soccer, Frosh Basketball, and Var tennis my freshman year. Sophomore year I did Varsity Cheerleading, Varsity Danceteam, and Varsity Tennis. This year I made it as Captain of Var Tennis team, Captain of Var Cheerleading Squad, and just a plain returnee member of Varsity Dance team =) I am hoping to be doing these and Varsity Tennis throughout the rest of my 3 years in high school. So as you can see, I am pretty athletic. But as for my academic side, I am a 4.0 GPA student and I spend hours studying dictionaries and encyclopedias (just kidding) Actually I am hopefully able to make it into Stanford, Hawaii Pacific, or Harvey Mudd University for premed.

Well, anyways, enough about me... I hope you like my page and find it useful to whatever you are looking for! Email me and tell me what you think of this page! This is like my first official homepage EVER. So bare with me, please! Ooops, forgot to mention... my pictures are scanned!!! So like check it out and stuff with the link below!!! Don't forget to sign my guestbook on your way out =D

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Some of my fave links

The Mud Connector
Very useful MUD stuff including MUD listings
My Pix Page! =)
New pictures are in!!! Blame my mom if some of them are ickie looking! =P
The Castle Gate
Nice page for mudders of all level (coders, builders, players, etc...)
Kermit's MUD Page
Good page for first time coders to start at...
Madison's Homepage
My highschool's homepage!
Connect to MuMuLand
Need to find me quickly? If I'm online I'm probably here =D
BRAND new pic
Picture of me and my bf at his family gathering... his Dad took the pic =D aren't we cute? ;) hehe
CUTEST pic ever
Picture of me and my bf again... but this one's the cutest pic I've ever taken in my life even tho i just came out of the shower and don't have any make up on... (imagine that hehe) =D
BRAND new picture!!! =)
Here's a pict of my man... isn't he a hottie?! =D He's SO awesome... gawd, and I think I'm actually falling for him too... what a lucky guy eh? ;)
ANOTHER brand new picture!!
Another pic of my man... I think this one's better... but I think he looks the best in person but too bad you don't get to see him irl like me (neener neener neener) ;)
Not so new pic...
A pict of the 2 soon to be most famous doctors in the world: Kate Rykken and Kim Nguyen! <giggles>
Another not so new pic... hehe
A pict of me =) Kim Nguyen M.D. <giggles> i wish! but in 10 or so years ;) it'll come true!
The long awaited...
picture of me in a cheerleader uniform <laughs> what a disappointment eh?
a pict of me and my ex-boyfriend
=) <giggles> well not really a description for this =P

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