My    kewt    lil    pix!    (j/k)

Here are some of my pictures you all have been waiting for =P hehehe Picture on the upper left of this page is of me during the fall soccer season around October of '96.

Below that is a picture of me at my school's semi-formal. The guy is my friend... yes just a friend!!! =) That was around Febuary of '97

And below is a picture of me and my friend Nicole. We play on the Madison Varsity Tennis team. You might know her as "Coko" ;) This was taken around April of this year. =)

So, do I live up to you guys' expectations? ;) Just kidding! Just want to take a little time to say thanks to my big sis, Bridget for scanning the picts for me. Thanks Bridget =) Sorry about waking you up that one night ;) your shortie - always n forever! Kim =)

***NEW*** More pix!!!
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